Dairy plant of Dushanbe city

The Dushanbe Milky plant, officially named in Tajik as “Kombinati Shir”, is the only and leading organization in the city of Dushanbe for the production of lactic products, including milk, yogurts, butter, curd, kefir, ice-cream, sour cream, fermented milk, dairy sausages, cheese (20 kinds) and in general about 100 kinds of products.

Молочный комбинат Душанбе

The enterprise was built in 1964 and then the name “Dairy Factory of Dushanbe” was melo where hundreds of people worked. At the moment, after reorganization and privatization, it belongs to one large businessman from Khatlon region. Earlier, one of the major shareholders was Murodali Alimardon.

The total capacity of the enterprise “Shiri Dushanbe” in the years of education was 100 tons of dairy products per day and 7-10 tons of frozen products. At present, raw materials for the activities of the Dairy Plant are brought from the nearest districts of the capital of Tajikistan including the Rudaki, Vahdat, Gissar, Shahirinav, Tursunzade and others districts.

Combine for its activities has its own network of stores that are located in Dushanbe and in them natural dairy products are being sold to the State Standard. Also, they sell their products through other partners’ stores, in which the lion’s share of the products under the Shiri Dushanbe brand is sold. Delivery to partner stores, including the supermarket Auchan, they produce personally because they have special equipment – refrigerators (refrigerators) for safe transportation.

Продукция комбинати шири Душанбе

Prices for the products of the Dairy combine are not high compared to other competitors. Last years the competition in the market becomes more severe and the given enterprise becomes more difficult to realize the strategy. But they have their own marketing course and to find the secret of success often spend free tastings in public places and take into account the desire of customers.

In 2014, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, visited the Dushanbe Dairy Plant, the reason for which was the modernization of the production facilities. In 2017, the company employed about 150 people whose average salary was 1000-1500 somoni, which is equal to 120-200 US dollars.

In the arsenal of the Dushanbe Dairy Plant (Kombinati Shir) there is a shop for the production of packaging materials. The capacity of the workshop in one shift is 100 thousand plastic packages and 100 thousand aluminum foil. Until recently, plastic containers were imported from abroad, but now only raw materials in the form of granules are imported from abroad, and all the rest of the production work is established in them. Equipment in the plant after reconstruction is equipped with European technology.


Address, contact details and contacts:

Dushanbe city, postal code: 734043.
Street Jabbora Rasulova, 34. (Landmark – Administration of the Sino district).
Phones: (+992) 235-84-00, 235-84-10, 236-94-87.
E-mail: dushanbemoloko@mail.ru or info@shiridushanbe.com
Website: shiridushanbe.tj
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shiridushanbe/
Organizational Form: ZAO (JSC)
Tax ID: 40003710
Management: Komilov Navruz Olimovich (tel: 907-74-44-22).
The total area of the plant is 10 hectares.