Cheap Hotels in Dushanbe (Capital of Tajikistan)

In the city of Dushanbe there are a number of hotels that are affordable and affordable because their price is quite low, and the quality of the rooms does not exceed more than 15-18 US dollars per day.

One of these hotels where the capital of Tajikistan is located is Hotel No. 103 on the territory of the 103rd microdistrict of the city of Dushanbe. The reference point for this cheap hotel is the Milan-Moda store, south of the 82nd microdistrict or against the 84th microdistrict. The exact reference point is School # 43.

Дешевые гостиницы в г. Душанбе (Недорогие)

This budget hotel is located on the second floor of a 3-story building next to the street where you need to turn from Bobojon Gaffurov Avenue to Tunis Street.

The hotel does not have its own name, but it is usually called the Hotel of the 103rd microdistrict. On the first floor of the hotel building there is a new and good Sauna and nearby (about 100 meters) the road has 2 dining rooms around the clock, 2 pharmacies, 3 stores, 1 gym, a bank branch, a beauty salon, a bookmaker and a restaurant where you can satisfy your needs.

Гостиница  103

This hotel has 6 one-bedroom seats that are designed for both one person and family. Each room has from 1 to 4-bed rooms where they can be from 1 to 4 people in their beds. The price does not depend on the number of people in the room. We pay only for the room. There are single rooms of 35 square meters, the price of which is 140 somoni per 1-day.


In each room there are new and large beds with orthopedic mattresses, air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi Internet, kitchen table with kettle (tifal), plates, cups and others. The floor is covered with clean carpet. This hotel is a hostel type but in a modern way. Because there is a large hallway where there are chairs and there you can watch TV with other residents. There is a large kitchen where there is a washing machine for washing clothes and its use is free.

Next to this cheap hotel are many public transports including number 15, 17, 46, 28 and buses number 37 and 23.


Contacts  103

Phones: (+992) 918-994-848