Chicken in tandoor in Dushanbe

If you ate a chicken that is cooked in tandoor, then this taste is sure to be remembered for the rest of your life. This peculiar dish in Dushanbe is prepared only in small places, as it is 5-10% higher than other types of hens that are cooked in other conditions, including grilling or chahohby (chihibili).


The chicken in tandoor in the capital of Tajikistan is cooked very tasty and excellent. The price of this kind of dish is about 35 somoni that in US dollars is equal to 4 US dollars. On average in the city of Dushanbe a day sells about 1000-1500 hens cooked on fire tandyr. Of course, this dish is better than grilled and chahokhbili. The cooking time of chicken in tandoor is 1-1.5 hours. Inside the chicken insert vegetables including onions and special seasonings.

 Residents of Dushanbe can order themselves by phone a hooker on tandyra by phone: (+992) 937-742-036.

Reference point. (restaurant Shami Bukhoro – Mayakovsky Street next to the meat boulevard).