Chakka is a kind of dairy product!

What is a chuck?

Chakka is a kind of consuming product which is made from milk to the countries of central Asia. The taste of “chakka” is not similar to other dairy products and has a characteristic taste. The best chakka is produced in the spring, then it eats if the air temperature is not higher than +20 degrees Celsius.


Фото чакки на Фото – рынок Мехргон город Душанбе

Inhabitants of Asian countries including Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kigisia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and a number of other countries widely use chakka. You can eat Chakka without anything. If you add sugar to Chakka, it turns into Curd.

Chakka is white and almost odorless. If it deteriorates, it is harmful and smelly. With chakka prepare Kurutov (kind of national dish of tajiks). Also the chakka can be dried and in such cases it turns into another product called “Kurut”. Kuruta can be stored for a long period – about 5-10 months or more.

Cost – the price of chakkas in the markets of Central Asia is about $ 1-2 dollars per kilogram. It is recommended to buy chakka in the markets of these countries. It is advisable not to buy chakka in the summer-hot season, as in this period the chakka is not tasty and most likely spoiled.