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2 Feb 2021

VIP CV – Example in english

Mr. Jordan has more than 10 years of strong experience in communication as consultant on various technical assistance projects with the Parliamentary Programmes Coordination Unit and other institutions. His experience ranges from the evaluation of the Media Reforms
1 Aug 2018

Cochran Fellowship Program APPLICATION FORM

                                                             COCHRAN FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM        
1 Apr 2018

Khanum recipe (Hanuma type dishes like manti in a roll)

The secret of cooking khanum: Today, in any eastern market, you can meet girls who sell food. And it will not be fast food, harmful to the human body, but home-made food like samsa, yummies, cakes and
9 Mar 2018

Ramadan 2018 start – end, fasting calendar

In 2018 holy Islamic month Ramadan begins with the sunset on May 16. In other words, from the night of the said date, or rather, from the morning of May 17 and ends on Jun 15, 2018,
19 Nov 2017

Bijouterie in Uzbekistan – prices, photos, reviews, buy.

Bijouterie occupies 70-75% of users of women’s adornments among the inhabitants of Uzbekistan. Girls and women of Uzbekistan widely use costume jewelery which at a price much (10-100) times cheaper than golden ones – bronze obese. For
18 Nov 2017

Fur women’s coat how much is it?

Coats like winter clothes are one of the most important clothes of residents of the cold regions of the world. In Tajikistan, the capital of Tajikistan, hundreds of types of coats are sold, which are made of
4 May 2017


You need to find cheap, convenient, profitable or best flights for a trip to Moscow from Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan or vice versa to the Russian capital – then this information is very useful for
5 Apr 2017


Beautiful girls in Tashkent: Every man is desirous to have a girl next to whom I would always like to pamper. For this reason, girls in Tashkent should have an attractive appearance and feminine manners. Nevertheless, girls
19 Sep 2016

Uzbek Seks, Nima, Video malumot

Ozbek tiilida Sexs (Sekis yo Seks) – bu jinsiy yoki jinsiy, inson xulq mamnuniyat namoyon va inson shahvoniy istak bilan bog’liq ruhiy reaktsiyalar, munosabat va xulq-bir to’siq. Jinsiy yo’l shaxslar o’rtasidagi o’zaro bir shaklidir. Inson jinsiy xulq
6 Sep 2016

Yuldashev Nigmatilla – Yangi prezident Uzbekistonda

Yuldashev Nigmatilla Tulkinovich – mamlakat Konstitutsiyasining 96-moddasiga muvofiq 2-sentyabr 2016 bilan, chunki Karimov (O’zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining 1) vafot bu o’rnini oladi O’zbekiston yangi prezidenti hisoblanadi. Yuldoshev Ne’matullo Tulkinovich o’zbek tilida to’liq nomi va correctament. Yuldashev, shuningdek, O’zbekiston