Tajikistan Archive

23 May 2016


The territory of Tajikistan is 141,942 square kilometers (in begining og 2016). Previous to 2011 the territory of Tajikistan was 143,100 square meters. km. The reason for the reduction of area is that China in January 2011,
21 May 2016


Vanj – a mountainous region of the Republic of Tajikistan, with a population of 42.3 thousand people in 2016, and the territory of 4.4 thousand sq. m.. kilometers is located in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of
20 May 2016

Mirzo Tursunzoda

Tajik national poet and the hero – Mirzo Tursunzoda, born 19 april 1911 in the village of Karatag, Regar district, Republic of Tajikistan in the family of a blacksmith. Mirzo Tursunzoda in the development of the culture
19 May 2016


Sanatorium “Shambarov” specializes in treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The resort treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular and other diseases. The history of the pension starts from 1952. Annually “Shambarov” provides quality and
18 May 2016

Fariduni Khurshed

New Tajik pop star – Farriduni KHurshed ( Real name on the Tajik Farrukh Ruziev Kuziboevich) to conquer the hearts of the Tajik people appeared on the scene of their song “e Manuella” in 2013 and won
18 May 2016

Loik Sherali

Loiq Sherali – People’s poet of Tajikistan, was born on May 20, 1941 in the village of Mazari Sharif, in Penjikent district of Tajikistan. Loik Sherali brought a great contribution to modern poetry of the Tajik people.
7 Apr 2016

Tajik singers – Top list of artists ever

In Tajikistan, the number of music artists (singers), movies, theater and other areas of the arts, there are 1000 persons more half of which are in the field of music. The brightest stars of Tajik music is
6 Apr 2016


Bread is one of the most popular and sacred food for the Tajik people. Every Tajik family always uses it and can not imagine a day without bread cakes. Bread for tajiks product ia a number 1
5 Apr 2016


Kafolat Bank is one of the foreign banks in Tajikistan. More specifically the Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tajikistan. Opened in 2008 and a controlling stake in the Bank’s shares are in the hands
3 Apr 2016

Khatlon region of Tajikistan

Khatlon region (abbreviated Khatlon) – one of the most populated and irrigated areas of Tajikistan is located in the southwestern part of the country with a population of 3.1 million people, representing 35% of the population. Khatlon consolidates the