Tajikistan Archive

31 Oct 2017

Shifo- Diagnostic-treatment center

The Diagnostic and Treatment Center “Shifo” under LLC “Pharma” was organized on August 16, 2003 on the basis of License No. 0000026 issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan. DLC “Shifo” has “Certificate
25 Oct 2017

Night club LOFT in Dushanbe

Nightclub “Loft” is one of the new entertainment places in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe where every day young people both men and girls hanging out in it. It’s not a big club
8 Sep 2017

Why Tajiks are beautiful?

Why are Tajik men very beautiful? The fact is that Tajiks live in a very beautiful country, where nature is rich in rivers, mountains, lakes and especially surprisingly pleasant sun rays. Another reason why Tajiks are beautiful
8 Sep 2017

Telephone market of Dushanbe

In Dushanbe, there is a Telephone market in which mainly sell old-supported smartphones and telephones, as well as bicycles, the price of which differs significantly from the new ones. The market in the Tajik language is called “Telefonbozor”
29 Aug 2017

Tajik Manti in Dushanbe city

Mantas Tajik do you want to order yourself at home or in the workplace? Recently, the cuisine called “Chujai Biryon” has become popular in Dushanbe, where they cook the most delicious manti in the city of Dushanbe
13 Aug 2017

Tajik apple “Raufi”

The apple of “Raufi” is one of the kinds of apples that are grown in Tajikistan. It loves a colder climate and therefore it grows in the mountainous areas of Tajikistan and in particular in the village
5 Jul 2017


Melon – a type of cucumber from a family of pumpkin that grows in warm countries, although it is considered the birthplace of the countries of Central Asia and Asia Minor, as well as African countries. By
7 May 2017

Price of apartments in Dushanbe

The price of apartments in the city of Dushanbe today is cheaper than 10 years ago and is 350-850 US dollars per square meter! Is it true? Of course this is real !. The latest crisis that
12 Apr 2017


The “JYSK” store (YUSC) is a new store in the capital of Tajikistan that opened in early 2017 where they sell household products such as Furniture, Kitchen tools, beds, lamps, flowers, candles and much more. JYSK is
18 Oct 2016

Shabnami Surayo – PHOTOES

Shabnami Surayo one of the most famous entertainers of Tajik, which is popular especially among young people. Born October 14, 1981 in the city of Kulob. Brought up in a family of creative people. His talent she