Tajikistan Archive

17 Dec 2017

Airport of Dushanbe

The International Airport of Dushanbe is a new building that was commissioned in September 2015, built by a French company for about $ 70 million. The length of the airfield is 3.5 km. (width of 600 meters)
17 Dec 2017

Puppet Theater of Dushanbe

In Tajikistan, since September 7, 1985 functions the only puppet theater in the city of Dushanbe, 54/1 Shotemur Street. At the moment, this puppet theater in the native Tajik language is called “Teatri Luhtak”, it’s going through
14 Dec 2017

What documents are needed to open an account?

Question: What do you need and what documents are needed to open an account with the Banks of Tajikistan? Answer: Usually all banks in Tajikistan need the same documents to open an account because their list is
6 Dec 2017

Prostitution in Tajikistan is allowed or prohibited?

Is it possible to engage in prostitution – sex services at a paid level in Tajikistan? What to say the law? What are the consequences and penalties? Who can be prosecuted in Tajikistan for selling the body
4 Dec 2017

Chinese clinic in Dushanbe

Chinese clinic in the capital of Tajikistan –  Dushanbe city (in Tadzhi Markazi tabobatii chini) – The Chinese hospital in the city of Dushanbe has several and they treat Tajik citizens who are ill from several diseases.
26 Nov 2017


In Dushanbe city, the capital of Tajikistan, there are shops selling flowers with delivery, the number of which reaches several dozen shops. The best point-shops for selling flowers are located in the centers of the country’s capital
22 Nov 2017

Milana mebel (Furniture)

Milana mebel (Furniture) is a new showroom of furniture opened in 2017 in Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan). It belongs to the company Limited Liability Company “Borkash TCH” whose owner is Islomov Parviz Ozodovich – living in Sughd
18 Nov 2017

Fur women’s coat how much is it?

Coats like winter clothes are one of the most important clothes of residents of the cold regions of the world. In Tajikistan, the capital of Tajikistan, hundreds of types of coats are sold, which are made of
13 Nov 2017

Qurutov – tajik dish

Kurutov (Kurutob) is a Tajik national dish that is made mainly of kurut and fatir. Kurutov is considered one of the most favorite dishes of the Tajik people which is sometimes cooked as a special dish. The
31 Oct 2017

Shifo- Diagnostic-treatment center

The Diagnostic and Treatment Center “Shifo” under LLC “Pharma” was organized on August 16, 2003 on the basis of License No. 0000026 issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan. DLC “Shifo” has “Certificate