Tajikistan Archive

12 Apr 2018

Sino military commissariat in Dushanbe

The military enlistment office of the Sino district of Dushanbe city is located along the Hiloli road on the side of the Yakkachinar Mosque. This military commissariat is a local military command, responsible for military mobilization and
1 Apr 2018

Khanum recipe (Hanuma type dishes like manti in a roll)

The secret of cooking khanum: Today, in any eastern market, you can meet girls who sell food. And it will not be fast food, harmful to the human body, but home-made food like samsa, yummies, cakes and
1 Apr 2018

Park S. Aini in Dushanbe

The park of rest and culture named after Sadriddin Aini – a Tajik writer and hero of Tajikistan in the city of Dushanbe – is located along Rudaki Avenue near the Cement Plant in the northern part
31 Mar 2018

Veterinary drugstore of Dushanbe city

In the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe eats several veterinary pharmacies that deal not only with selling drugs for animals (cats, cow dogs), birds, fish, bees, insects, and other living things, but also offer
25 Mar 2018

Tours in Tajikistan: Best places, prices and options!

Want to visit Tajikistan as a tourist and look for a unique tour to mountainous Tajikistan, but do not know exactly whether to visit this country? In this matter, as a true tourist who was in Tajikistan,
25 Mar 2018

What to take from Tajikistan?

From Tajikistan, you can buy and take to your country as a gift for your family and friends a lot of things, including for women and men or for children or managers who are your bosses. Among
25 Mar 2018

Best tourist places in Tajikistan

What kind of places should I visit in Tajikistan? This question number one for any tourist! In order to plan everything clearly and not waste time, it’s just that you were given the name of the 10
25 Mar 2018

What to take to Tajikistan?

And so you decided to go to Tajikistan? Hurrah Hurrah! This is the right choice because you will see something that was not seen in a dream or even in your imaginations. You heard little about Tajikistan
25 Mar 2018

Where to stay in Tajikistan?

Usually, many tourists choose a place to stop the hotels, but we propose to stop at the sanatoriums that are next to the capital of Tajikistan in the city of Gissar. This is because in the sanatoriums
25 Mar 2018

Tourist companies in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan there are at least 10 travel companies that offer their clients tours within Tajikistan, including: Skytur – skytour.tj Ziganatur – http://www.ziganatour.tj Rohattour- http://www.rohat-tour.tj/en/ Tajiktourservice – http://www.tis.tj Pamirtravel – http://www.pamir-travel.com Globaltrestrewel http://www.globaltranstravel.com/ Artouch – http://artuch.tj/ru/ East