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10 Mar 2021

Shab e barat (Shabe barat – Night) 2021

Shab e barat or in eng “Barat night” (Arabic: ليلةالبراءة‎) – sacred and great Muslim night during which Allah may forgive sins of  Muslims and it falls on the middle of Sha’ban month (on night of 14th to 15th
1 Apr 2018

Khanum recipe (Hanuma type dishes like manti in a roll)

The secret of cooking khanum: Today, in any eastern market, you can meet girls who sell food. And it will not be fast food, harmful to the human body, but home-made food like samsa, yummies, cakes and
9 Mar 2018

Ramadan 2018 start – end, fasting calendar

In 2018 holy Islamic month Ramadan begins with the sunset on May 16. In other words, from the night of the said date, or rather, from the morning of May 17 and ends on Jun 15, 2018,
5 Mar 2018

Ramadan 2018 starts on 17 may and finish on 14 jun

Sacred Ramadan month of 2017 starts on Friday, the 16-th of May and closing for aproximatly 29 days until Saturday, the 14-th of Jun. Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous
2 Apr 2016

Hoji Mirzo – EMINENT TAJIK theologian

Hoji Mirzo - one of the most famous religious figures in the Islamic world in the space of Tajikistan, born on September 22, 1967 in the town of Kulyab, Tajikistan. Biography: Full name – Ibromov Mirzodzhon in
27 Jan 2016

Dua Qunoot

Qunoot (Qunut) is a supplication type of prayer made while standing in Islam. For example, it is sunnah (recommended) to supplicate with qunut in the witr prayer during the entire year.  “Qunut” (Arabic: القنوت‎; also transliterated Qunoot) literally means
20 Jan 2016

Tajikistan travel and tour

Many people ask, “Where is the beautiful and wonderful places in Tajikistan for travel, tour and relax” while the maximum save time and money and get the best enjoyment of the Tajik land, to keep the most
8 Jan 2016


Ramadan - is the holy month of Muslims in the world designed for holding the post for the purpose of washing of sin by giving up eating in the daytime abstinence from non-authorized actions and the fulfillment