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25 Mar 2018

Restaurant Marjona in the city of Dushanbe

The Margina restaurant is located in the northern part of the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan along Omar Khayama Street and it is considered to be a middle class restaurant mainly hosting solemn events including
9 Mar 2018

Ramadan 2018 start – end, fasting calendar

In 2018 holy Islamic month Ramadan begins with the sunset on May 16. In other words, from the night of the said date, or rather, from the morning of May 17 and ends on Jun 15, 2018,
5 Mar 2018

What to bring from Dushanbe – Tajikistan?

Do you travel to the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, and you want to remember for yourself a unique piece of memory or a gift to give to your colleagues, relatives and friends? This article
5 Mar 2018

Ramadan 2018 starts on 17 may and finish on 14 jun

Sacred Ramadan month of 2017 starts on Friday, the 16-th of May and closing for aproximatly 29 days until Saturday, the 14-th of Jun. Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous
1 Mar 2018

Tajik Pilaf (1 * 1) – Oshi yak ba yak

Osh Yak ba Yak is a planted pilaf sold in Tajikistan, which contains 1 kilogram of rice and 1 kilogram of meat in equal parts, which are cooked mainly in special restaurants and canteens functioning in Dushanbe,
27 Feb 2018

The price of cars in Tajikistan – Dushanbe

The price in the cities of Tajikistan including the cities of Dushanbe, Khujand, Kurgan-Tube, Kulyab regardless of location are almost the same. The reason lies in the fact that Tajikistan itself does not produce a car and
26 Feb 2018

Fish in Tajikistan: types and prices

Tajikistan is not a fish country, although it is considered the leader in terms of water resources among the countries of Central Asia and even among many countries in the world, in particular in terms of the
25 Feb 2018

Afsaron kokh (Palace) in Dushanbe city

Kohs Afsaron is a 5-flour complex building in the center of the  Dushanbe city – the capital of Tajikistan, which is against the Ministry of Defense, is considered the most unique institution built specifically for the MinDef
24 Feb 2018

Mental arithmetic in Dushanbe – Tajikistan

In the city of Dushanbe there is a center called “Abakus” which is located at Shota Rustaveli street 37/1. The official center works under the name of OOO “Empire Donish” or is known as the “Empire of
22 Feb 2018

MBO Tajikistan – Special courses center

Special courses taught by the MBO which is known in the city of Dushanbe as “YED GIR” are included in TOP-3 of the best non-governmental institutions of teaching residents of Tajikistan foreign languages, programming lessons, computer programs