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5 Jul 2017


Melon – a type of cucumber from a family of pumpkin that grows in warm countries, although it is considered the birthplace of the countries of Central Asia and Asia Minor, as well as African countries. By
7 May 2017

Massage in Bishkek

Massage services in the city of Bishkek are becoming more relevant and the prices for such services are from $ 5 to $ 50. You can get massage services at home or in special institutions. Half of
7 May 2017

Price of apartments in Dushanbe

The price of apartments in the city of Dushanbe today is cheaper than 10 years ago and is 350-850 US dollars per square meter! Is it true? Of course this is real !. The latest crisis that
12 Apr 2017


The “JYSK” store (YUSC) is a new store in the capital of Tajikistan that opened in early 2017 where they sell household products such as Furniture, Kitchen tools, beds, lamps, flowers, candles and much more. JYSK is
7 Apr 2017

Almaty Massage for sexs

Recently there has been a toughening of punishments for “night butterflies”. For this reason, prostitution changes its forms and quickly leaves the streets. Now, the services of girls on call can be used in massage rooms. In
30 Jul 2016

Most beautiful cars in the world – photo and pictures

The most beautiful cars in the world are considered to be made in Europe and the United States. The most beautiful car maker as saying Russian (cool car) in the world is not always one and the
1 Apr 2016

Avto Dushanbe – Tajikistan: Sale, Buy and Price

In Tajikistan, the sale or buy of cars, trucks and tractors, other types of equipment are mainly carried out in which markets for Tajik people called “Moshinbozor” and where are the most common / used car. Also
29 Mar 2016


The margin is the value added in the price of the goods but the margin is the share of value added in all of the total price of the goods. A detailed description of the bottom >>>
27 Mar 2016

Tajikistan transport

Transport of Tajikistan is an integral part of its economy, and plays a crucial role in the national economic complex of the republic. The country is landlocked and in its development is highly dependent on foreign trade
15 Mar 2016

International Bank of Tajikistan

International Bank of Tajikistan - a new bank in Tajikistan, converts the Micro-deposit organization to the Bank at the beginning of 2016. Working Office formed a team of the best financial and banking cadres of the republic