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2 Aug 2018

Recommendation letter (Example from employer)

 To whom it may concern: LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION It give me a great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation in support of Mr David Jalil’s application for USDA Cohran Fellowship Program. I have known the applicant
1 Aug 2018

Cochran Fellowship Program APPLICATION FORM

                                                             COCHRAN FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM        
13 Apr 2018

Sohil Resturant in Dudhanbe city

Sohil is a new restaurant located in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe along Shirazi street near the water park “Obshoron” near the building of the Amphitheater or the National Museum. The name of
21 Jan 2018

Samarqand Teahuse in Dushanbe city

Chayhana Samarkand and at the same time the restaurant (unofficially) is included in the list of middle classes of catering establishments in Dushanbe. It is located along the street of Abdulahad Kakhhorov not from the background of
18 Jan 2018

In which bank to invest in Tajikistan?

Do you want to know where to invest your money? After the banking crises that occurred in independent Tajikistan, the people of the country now 90-95% do not trust the banking system of the republic. The reason
5 Dec 2017


The Jal-Jam or Chal-Cham construction market is also her name, located in the Sino district, the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. It was established in 1997 on the territory of the Jewelry Factory along Rahmon
28 Nov 2017

ATMs in Dushanbe – capital of Tajikistan

ATMs and terminals in the city of Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan are located according to discretion – the policies of each company or bank of the country. With the location of ATMs, special factors are
18 Nov 2017

Fur women’s coat how much is it?

Coats like winter clothes are one of the most important clothes of residents of the cold regions of the world. In Tajikistan, the capital of Tajikistan, hundreds of types of coats are sold, which are made of
29 Aug 2017

Tajik Manti in Dushanbe city

Mantas Tajik do you want to order yourself at home or in the workplace? Recently, the cuisine called “Chujai Biryon” has become popular in Dushanbe, where they cook the most delicious manti in the city of Dushanbe
13 Aug 2017

Tajik apple “Raufi”

The apple of “Raufi” is one of the kinds of apples that are grown in Tajikistan. It loves a colder climate and therefore it grows in the mountainous areas of Tajikistan and in particular in the village