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Asia-Plus – is the leading information analytical agency which provides news and a variety of data to the public in Tajikistan. Asia Plus is not only a site where every day will be stirred latest world news and Tajikistan but also there are a number of information are also useful including: exchange rates, weather forecast, and ad units t. d. The daily audience of the site Asia Plus is more than 10-15 thousand people.

Asia Plus

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In view of the fact that Asia Plus stir on its website a very delicate questions concerning political issues and given its large daily audience that especially need the secular people of Tajikistan heavily controlled by the supervisory authorities of Tajikistan. In the edition of Asia Plus has about 30 employees of different professions but have a very large and high-quality experience in the field of journalism. Materials that are allocated on the site Asia Plus is very touching and popular in society in Tajikistan. Information that will be stirred on the site Asia Plus is mainly oriented for people with high IQ and therefore materials are distributed both in Russian and Tajik and English languages.

The main competitor of Asia Plus and Avesta considered Ozodi audience are lower than the AP. In recent years, since the editors to publish a lot of fine society issues it is blocked by ISPs at the request of the relevant regulatory authorities of Tajikistan, in connection with which periodic population of Tajikistan can not enjoy reading the news of the company. But in spite of the existing problems, access to the site Asia Plus is carried out in other ways, including through a proxy server (VPN-VPN).

In the summer of 2016 Asia Plus engine and changed its site and the site as a whole and it is located at domain which belongs to Tajikistan. The physical site is in the United States since Tajikistan server does not meet the company’s requirements. Asia Plus website has its own page on the social networks Facebook, Classmates, Youtube etc.

History of Asia Plus

In general, the company Asia Plus began its activity in 1997 under the initiative of the boys from Kanibadam district of Tajikistan. A special contribution to the development agencies have a founder (Umed Babahanov) Bakhtiyor, Olga Tutubalina and Zebo Tadjibaeva.

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The Republic of Tajikistan,
Postcode: 734018,
Dushanbe city,
Sherozi av., 16
The 13-th floor of the GTL
Tel: +992 (37) 221-72-20,
Advertising Manager: (+ 992 37) 221-78-63
Website: or
Title in English: Asia Plus

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