Avto Dushanbe – Tajikistan: Sale, Buy and Price

In Tajikistan, the sale or buy of cars, trucks and tractors, other types of equipment are mainly carried out in which markets for Tajik people called “Moshinbozor” and where are the most common / used car. Also eats offices of international companies who have their shops for the sale of new and maintenance of its branded cars.

Former automarket Dushanbe Giprozem Township

Former automarket Dushanbe Giprozem Township

For example in the city of Dushanbe, 33 GAI neighborhood behind the showroom is the company which sells Toyota cars from 2014. Or in the town of Tursunzade since 2008 operates firm “Madadi Tursunzoda” specialized in the sale of machinery for agricultural purposes. Similar companies in Tajikistan, there are a few items and they sell their products in the new cities of Tajikistan including Dushanbe, Khujand, Қurgantyube, Kulyab, Tursunzade, Hissar, Uratyube etc ..

The car market in Dushanbe in summer people go on the open market in the hot sun in a dusty car market, and in cold periods in the puddles and mud, and almost no hygiene, and convenience and away from normal civilized place.

Мошинхои Душанбе

In the automotive market of Dushanbe to properly clean and eat and find water for drinking or washing does not exist and people as buyers and sellers but to chew sunflower seeds, nothing else to do. Sellers other than drinking cold and carbonated drink rarely manage to maintain their health.

Recent times, say from the 2010s Tajik people widely use the Internet in the sale or purchase of automobiles and the escalation in the appearance of modern smartphones.

So far, the most popular websites in the ad supply or searching cars are www.fara.tj www.moshin.tj www.somon.tj According to average indicators in Tajikistan on the day are offered for sale about 10 thousand cars, and the number of buyers in the order of 5 thousand . But the people on the day of purchase about 1,000 cars in the space of Tajikistan, and most of it falls on the weekend as the weekend for the Tajik people most propitious day for trading.

More in Tajikistan all commercially relevant brands such as German brand Opel, Mercedes and BMW, and behind them are the Japanese and Korean branded cars: Tiko, Toyota, Hyundai, and other Stareks.


For reasons of Tajiks is such brands are best suited to the geographical and economic needs of Tajikistan. In addition, these marks to repair the country do not have significant problems and the issue of providing a cheap spare parts are not problematic. If you connect to these machines GAZ-marketing of equipment that these cars are not capricious, and are becoming even more economical.

Russian-brand cars such as GAZ, LAZ, KAMAZ and others in Tajikistan are not so popular and the new series of these techniques hardly seen on the market. In the market, you can sometimes see the legendary brands as Lada or ZIL, and they are very old and quite technologically backward. One of the main parameters that adversely affect the effectiveness of the sale of Russian cars it is sufficient rigidity, multi-roskhodnost fuel and lack of spare parts.

According to preliminary forecasts of Russian technology are likely to be more attractive Bole after Tajikistan accession to the Customs Union.

The position of the Chinese auto and technology in the market of Tajikistan is not large enough but become more noticeable in particular trucks on such brands as photons and JMC. The reliability of Chinese car is not so good and the people of the country say cause this tangemkami.

            In Tajikistan, while in European countries do not exist realtors cars that would help in choosing the right car and therefore the people themselves in their considerations at your own risk and fear of choosing one or another brand of car. The state has almost no policy in relation to imported cars of any protectionist measures. Question policy regarding automobile business is not coordinated is not one of the structures.