Autobiography example


I, Rustami Emomali, was born on December 10, 1985, in the Kulob area of ​​Tajikistan in the family of a military serviceman. After graduation from secondary school in 2003 year I entered Tajik State National University and in 2008 received diploma degree in “World economy”.

Following graduation I began a career in the industry. For the period of 2003-2005 worked for National Bank of Tajikistan as an economist and later as head of Marketing Department. During this time I engaged in products selling, making contracts, products promotion and managing the department.

Having served for two years in the above company, also worked part-time in parallel as a specialist for public relations in International ITCA-EU.
In 2010 I was accepted to OJSC “Bank of New York” to be one of prestigious Banks of Tajikistan as a programmer at first where I worked for a couple of months and then was transferred to an economist of credit unit. After one year of service I was appointed as a head of the department to monitor loan portfolio quality.

During 2010-2015 I have been the senior officer in department engaged in work with stakeholders and since the second half of 2015 to be the deputy director of the consolidation and analyses Department. I’m obliged to analyze the bank operating, position our bank in given segment within qualitative and quantitative indicators, work out and suggest recommendations to the bank’s management on gaining maximum profit rest on statistical indicators of the bank and bank system in whole.

As the bank I work to be one of the largest banks in Tajikistan and USA it requires to work with a very large and varied massive data related to income and expenditure of the bank itself and beyond as well.

Usually, I enjoy programming in the areas, economic policy and linguistics, and at times trying to promote a product or a helpful suggestion in the macro scale.
I live in Washington city with my spouse and son. I don’t smoke and drink alcohol, or other harmful means. I’m fluent in Russian, Tajik and English. Constantly try to improve French.

Rustami Emomali