Map of Tajikistan

Map of Tajikistan

The territory of Tajikistan is 141,942 square kilometers (in begining og 2016). Previous to 2011 the territory of Tajikistan was 143,100 square meters. km.

The reason for the reduction of area is that China in January 2011, had taken from the territory of Tajikistan, which has been controversial in the Murghab district. Land, departed for China, 5.5% of the territory, which originally claimed Beijing. Thus, the area of China increased by 1 thousand. 158 square kilometers. As a result of the transfer of the land, which took place on the western border of China, the territory of Tajikistan has decreased by 1%.

RT Mountains

RT Mountains

93% of Tajikistan’s territory is occupied by mountains belonging to the mountain systems of Central Asia – the Tian-Shan and Pamir.

On the northern border is the Fergana Basin, 300 km long and 170 km wide. Maximum length of the north-west to south-east is 700 km, from north to south – 350 km. Mostly herbaceous and subshrub vegetation.

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On the territory of Tajikistan live Bole 8 million. People in 68 districts and cities of which 21 are mountain areas. In the territory of the country there are 1.1 million. Hectares of irrigated and 25 million. Rainfed land is 115 thousand hectares of gardens, 50 thous. Ha. vineyards, 10 thous. ha of mulberry, 6.5 mln. ha of pasture, 0.5 thousand. seedlings and 50 thousand. hectares of land built houses.

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According to historical records of Tajikistan was part of the territory of the periodic Persians an empire, Greeks, Arabs, Mongols and Russian, and finally on September 9, 1991 the territory gained independence and is recognized by more than 100 countries worldwide.