Alliance Restaurant in Dushanbe

The restaurant “Alliance” is one of the medium-known catering establishments in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. It is located along Abdulahad Kaharova Street in the textile factory territory. It can hold both small events and large ones such as Weddings, corporate parties and the like.

Photo: Restaurant Alliance

Photo: Restaurant Alliance

Next to the restaurant Alliance are other restaurants and canteens, which make a serious competition for it. For example, there are restaurants such as Lazzat, Marhabo, Rohat and Mumtos. The very building of the restaurant is closed and therefore there is no place to eat in the open space.

Тарабхонаи алянск

For car owners it is recommended to park on the road next to the restaurant. It can be reached by shuttle buses with the number: 15, 2, 13, 33, etc. Telephones: