10 Mar 2021

Shab e barat (Shabe barat – Night) 2021

Shab e barat or in eng “Barat night” (Arabic: ليلةالبراءة‎) – sacred and great Muslim night during which Allah may forgive sins of  Muslims and it falls on the middle of Sha’ban month (on night of 14th to 15th
2 Feb 2021

VIP CV – Example in english

Mr. Jordan has more than 10 years of strong experience in communication as consultant on various technical assistance projects with the Parliamentary Programmes Coordination Unit and other institutions. His experience ranges from the evaluation of the Media Reforms
29 Jan 2021

Syed Shakeel Shah – CAREC Institute Director

The CAREC Institute Director Syed Shakeel Shah was invited to present at a training session for diplomats organized by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies Islamabad on 9 December 2020. Mr. Shah covered the topic of
29 Jan 2021


CONSULTING SERVICES – Selection of firms Republic of Uzbekistan Socio-Economic Resilience Strengthening Project (SERSP) P168080 Assignment Title: Provision of communication services The Republic of Uzbekistan has received grants from the World Bank toward the cost of the Socio-Economic
16 Jan 2021

Safar Hotel in Dushanbe city

The Safar Hotel is a 3-star hotel in the city of Dushanbe and is located on the territory of the Sino district in the Ispechak village. This hotel is new and was built in 2018 and consists
24 Dec 2020

External Relations Officer

Expertise External Relations Officer Expertise Group External Affairs & Communications Consultant Source National TOR Keywords Communincations Objective and Purpose of the Assignment ADB’s CAREC unit serves as Secretariat of the CAREC Program. The External Relations Officer (national
16 Dec 2020

Buy Teddy Bear in Dushanbe

Where is a bear cub sold in Dushanbe? In the capital of Tajikistan, artificial bear cubs can be bought where flowers are sold, and in particular in the TSUM and Sadbarg Shopping Center, but their price is
27 Nov 2020

Munisa Mall in Dushanbe city

The shopping center “Munisa” in the capital of Tajikistan was built in 2014-2016 and is located at Dushanbe, Foteh Niyazi Street, 3/1. The Munis Trade House has 14 floors and looks like a very stylish building. On
18 Oct 2020


Outstanding doctors from India will come to our city of Dushanbe. They have a remarkable 20 years of experience in pediatrics, hematology, neurology, infectious diseases, growth and developmental problems, diseases related to allergies, the immune system, chronic
14 Oct 2020

Interest targeting in Google Adwords startup guide

Recently, targeted advertising has become a completely new way of interacting with the target audience, significantly expanding the traditional tools in the form of displaying ad units in the Google search engine and harassment in the display