21 May 2017

Hojiyon Resturant

Hojiyon restaurant (in the native Tajik language “Tarabkhonai Hojiyon” is one of the famous restaurants of the city of Dushanbe which is located in the eastern part of the capital of Tajikistan along Drujba Narodov street (Dustii
10 May 2017

Shab e barat (Shabe barat – Night)

Shab e barat or in eng “Barat night” (Arabic: ليلةالبراءة‎) – sacred and great Muslim night during which Allah may forgive sins of  Muslims and it falls on the middle of Sha’ban month (on night of 14th to 15th
7 May 2017

Massage in Bishkek

Massage services in the city of Bishkek are becoming more relevant and the prices for such services are from $ 5 to $ 50. You can get massage services at home or in special institutions. Half of
7 May 2017

Price of apartments in Dushanbe

The price of apartments in the city of Dushanbe today is cheaper than 10 years ago and is 350-850 US dollars per square meter! Is it true? Of course this is real !. The latest crisis that
4 May 2017


You need to find cheap, convenient, profitable or best flights for a trip to Moscow from Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan or vice versa to the Russian capital – then this information is very useful for
12 Apr 2017


The “JYSK” store (YUSC) is a new store in the capital of Tajikistan that opened in early 2017 where they sell household products such as Furniture, Kitchen tools, beds, lamps, flowers, candles and much more. JYSK is
10 Apr 2017

Turkmen gyzlary foto-surat

Turkmen gyzlary – bir turkiy zabon xalq. 4,5 million turkmanlar Turkmaniston asosiy aholisi tashkil qilish, 1,3 milliondan ziyod turkman, taxminan 1 million Eronda yashaydi – .. Afg’onistonda. Turkmenians kichik (taxminan 20%) bilan vostochnokaspiyskomu turi Kavkazidan, ifloslik Mongoloid elementlardir.
7 Apr 2017

Almaty Massage for sexs

Recently there has been a toughening of punishments for “night butterflies”. For this reason, prostitution changes its forms and quickly leaves the streets. Now, the services of girls on call can be used in massage rooms. In
5 Apr 2017


Beautiful girls in Tashkent: Every man is desirous to have a girl next to whom I would always like to pamper. For this reason, girls in Tashkent should have an attractive appearance and feminine manners. Nevertheless, girls
4 Apr 2017

Weather in Bishkek

Weather – The climatic conditions of the city are connected with the location of Kyrgyzstan, which is located in the continental temperate zone. The weather in Bishkek shows that the average annual temperature is + 11.3 °